Audit Template for Figma


Audits can be a bit daunting when you think about all the ways you can approach them, package them, and then present them to a client. 

Visuals, PDFs, videos, live calls... so many options!

And, while there are tons of beautifully designed Canva or Keynote templates out there...

Sometimes, keeping it simple and using a tool that's naturally a great fit for audits may be just what you need. 

Which is where this Audit template for Figma comes in.

It's neatly organized so you can keep all the notes you make during an audit in a single place.

And while it gives you some structure you can follow, it's also the kind of template you can easily adjust and customize, so you can make it your own. And center it all around your own process.

You'll also find notes every step of the way for that extra support, if you need it, including some tips specific to Figma.

Here's how the template is categorized:

✦ A brief introduction to how the template's been laid out

✦ Practical tips to make your life easier when using the template

✦ Four sections dedicated to your observations and notes

✦ A mini Visual Vault to add any and all visual swipes as reference

✦ A few final notes on how to go about presenting your audit

What you get:

✦ One .fig file (Figma's native file) to download on your hard drive, which you can import or open with the Figma desktop app

✦ Eight (8) pages within that same file packed with notes, helpful tips, and ready-to-use frames for your next audit

✦ All future updates of the Audit Template file (for free!)


Please note that because this is a digital product you'll get instant access to, all sales are final.

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